Directors and Officers

Paul Krause — President

Paul is a pharmacist and owner of The Medicine Cabinet pharmacy in Southfield. “Going vegan is very comprehensive,” he states. “As a society, we need to start accentuating preventative health care through our food choices. Furthermore, the planet can’t sustain a meat-eating society much longer. Finally, the evolution of factory farming has lead to the continual imprisonment and torture of animals.”

Tom Headshot

Tom Progar – Vice President

Tom graduated from Michigan State University in 1993 with a finance degree and began his career working for the Detroit Tigers. He is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management at Eastern Michigan University.  After attending a VegMichigan Vegfest, his eyes were opened to the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of becoming vegan.


Phyllis Sharbo — Secretary and Treasurer

Although Phyllis’ path to veganism began out of compassion for animals, she quickly learned that the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle are far reaching. It is her belief that it is the single most effective choice that an individual can make to prevent animal suffering, environmental degradation, and to promote good health.


Kim HeadshotKim Korona

Kim became a humane educator after receiving her Master’s in Education from the Institute for Humane Education. In college, she interned at Farm Sanctuary in California, and helped to take care of the rescued farm animals. While she was there she realized what she wanted to do with her life, to educate others and spread awareness about the issues facing our world. She currently works for a nonprofit organization that teaches youth about animal protection, human rights, and environmental stewardship.  Kim is a longtime vegan and activist who works everyday to create a more humane and sustainable world for all.

angie-sullivan Angie Sullivan

To Angie, becoming vegan was one of the best choices she ever made. After realizing the truth about factory farming, animals used in research, for clothing and in entertainment, she made the choice not to support those industries/businesses and has never looked back. Her hope as a board member is to continue the great work that VegMichigan already does by contributing with her passion, commitment and knowledge of a vegan lifestyle. With a degree in nutrition and master’s in higher education administration, she feels she can use the knowledge and skills she’s acquired to reach a wide variety of people.