VegMichigan speakers are available for presentations throughout the year. Below is a list of topics. We can also tailor a presentation to specific requirements. Contact for more information.

Saving The Earth, One Bite At A Time

Jeff Hampton is a graduate mechanical engineer with a minor in environmental sciences from Michigan State University. He developed his love for the environment at a young age, growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan and became involved in Dune Preservation and Restoration projects. Long before it was fashionable to be “green”, Jeff designed and built his solar heated … and cooled .. house. Snug and warm in the middle of February, cool in August. Fifteen years ago, Jeff adopted the Vegan, plant based, lifestyle for health reasons. As he studied the benefits of this lifestyle, he discovered the enormous, detrimental impact of the Standard American Diet (SAD) on the environment.  Animal agriculture is a curse on our planet. That is the bad news. The good news is that making the shift to a vegan, plant based lifestyle can have an enormous and immediate counter balance, making spaceship earth a far more hospitable place to live. Jeff is an award winning presenter and competitor in the Toastmasters, International Speech Contest. Jeff’s presentation is entertaining, lively and engaging. Yes, it is possible to combine these elements into a presentation about food choices and the environment. Detailing the impact of factory farming on various eco systems .. land, water and air. Change your life .. save the planet … one bite at a time. This presentation can run from 30 to 60 minutes.

Making Food Choices for Optimum Health

P6-d05cbPaul Krause is the president of VegMichigan President and he is also a pharmacist. Paul shows you how to eat your way to health and well being. Pills mostly mask the problem. The best way to live a healthy and active life is to adopt a plant-based diet focused on fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and grains. You’ll leave his presentation inspired to get healthy!  This presentation can run from 30 to 60 minutes.