Exhibitor Guidelines

Save the Date! VegFest 2017 is scheduled for April 30 — 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

(Restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and packaged food or beverage companies, see Food Court Page.)

All single booths are 10×10 and include 8’back drape, 3’side drapes, 8’ table with linens, 2 chairs and internet access.  Corner booths in the exhibit area are open on 2 sides to each aisle. Hooks for hanging a banner can be borrowed at check-in. The event is open to the public from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Set up is 7:30 am to 10:00 am. 

Business Rates    Standard Booth              $225           Corner   Booth                $250
Non-Profit 501(c)3 Rate Standard Booth              $125              Corner  Booth                 $175
Second booth (standard – create a   10×20) Add  $200 to above pricing
Optional electricity, extra furniture   or other booth services/materials. Ordering information and fees will be made available to confirmed exhibitors.

VegFest Exhibitor Booth Payments

VegFest Exhibitor Benefits:

  • Promotion of your product, service or nonprofit  501c3 organization to an anticipated crowd of 5,000 enthusiastic paying attendees at an indoor event publicized in print, radio, television and social media outlets. Attendees travel from metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, Lansing and beyond.
  • Complementary table with linens, 2 chairs and internet access with booth fee.
  • Opportunity to sample, sell, collect donations, or solicit memberships at your booth..
  • Five exhibitor badges for free early entry for set-up and quick re-entry if you need to leave and return.
  • Listing in the printed program on the day of the event.
  • Advance listing on the VegFest website with a link to your organization’s website.
  • Continued listing on VegMichigan’s VegFest site for the remainder of 2017.

VegFest Exhibit Priorities

VegMichigan, host of VegFest, is a private, nonprofit 501c3 corporation. VegMichigan promotes a vegan lifestyle for the benefit of human health, animal well-being and the environment. VegMichigan and VegFest support people in transitioning to veganism or in adding more plant products and reducing animal products in daily life.  Any of the following exhibits may be consistent with the mission of our event and may receive priority in the application process. All products/services promoted at the event must be free of animal ingredients or materials and conform to requirements listed in the application form.

  • Products for home, yard or personal use that offer great plant-based alternatives to those that normally contains animal ingredients/materials.  Examples: plant or mineral based cleaners, soaps, cosmetics, wallets, belts, shoes, clothing or gardening products.
  • Products for use in cooking, storing or growing food.
  • Vegan food products (free of animal ingredients). We welcome fresh and packaged, savory and sweet vegan cuisine and gourmet meal and snack items. Most food exhibits will be placed in our Food   Court, but on a limited basis, some food products may be appropriate for our Exhibit Area.  (Supplements and meal replacement products are not a priority for our event.)
  • Fine art and crafts that celebrate and inspire respect for animals and the natural environment.
  • Repurposed, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and “green” products (to fit our environmental theme)..
  • Products for use or enjoyment by household companion animals or shelter/sanctuary animals.
  • Individual licensed health care professionals who are vegan and who provide information to their patients about the health benefits of a plant-based diet.  Examples: MD, DO, DC, RD, NP, PA, DDS.
  • Group medical practices that support patients who choose a vegan diet.  We especially welcome those that have a licensed vegan health practitioner present at the event, or have a bio sheet available on a member of the practice who is vegan, or whose exhibit materials help educate the public about a vegan diet.
  • Nonprofit organizations that advocate for animals. Examples includes those who rescue, shelter, provide sanctuary, educate the public, or engage in activism on behalf of farmed animals, household companion animals or wild animals.  
  • Nonprofit organizations that advocate a plant-based diet for the benefit of human health and/or for a cleaner environment.

Other exhibits that may be given consideration:

  • Innovative products and services that may be of interest to our attendees for general better living.
  • Products and services, or nonprofit groups, that promote a healthy lifestyle. Examples include exercise and fitness, travel and recreation, clean water and air.  

Application Process

All inquiries are welcome!  Exhibitors must apply for a booth. VegMichigan, a 501c3 nonprofit group, reserves the right to decline an exhibitor’s application.  Factors we consider include compatibility with the theme of our event, the mission of our organization, and the need for exhibits that provide variety and interest.  The first step is to complete the online preliminary application.

Note that combined event sponsorship and exhibitor packages are available, starting at $500.