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Food Court Guidelines

Save the Date! VegFest 2016 is scheduled for April 24 — 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.


VegFest is an exciting, eye-opening day of vegan food sampling, cooking demonstrations, lectures, and more. The opportunity for the public to sample delicious vegan food is the highlight of VegFest. For this reason, VegMichigan is seeking a select group of vegan-friendly restaurants, and other food businesses for participation at VegFest 2016.

The food court category includes any business or non-profit group that is legally licensed or certified to make and distribute fresh-made or packaged food, and is able to provide free bite-sized samples of vegan food to the public on the day of the event. Full size servings or packaged products may be sold to the public. All foods served or sold must be 100% vegan (no animal products including lard, milk, butter, eggs, cheese, casein, whey, meat, meat broth, seafood, or honey). Participants that are not prepared to provide numerous free samples may apply in the exhibitors category, and exhibitor fees will apply. We encourage food businesses to use biodegradable serving products if possible. One local supplier of eco-friendly servingware is

Food Court Fees

The food court fee is $125 per booth. The 10×10 space includes pipe and draping, 8’table with linens, 2 chairs, wireless internet service, and hooks on loan for hanging an banner. Electricity and additional booth furnishings are available for an additional cost, via separate arrangement with Suburban Collection Showplace.

VegFest Exhibitor Booth Payments

Health Department

An umbrella TFE permit will be obtained through the Oakland County Health Division for the entire event. However, if you are preparing food at the site, an individual, temporary food license must be obtained. For questions, contact Mike Cox at or 248-431-1078. It is also required that you bring your restaurant license or kitchen certificate. A certified health inspector from Oakland County will be attending the event to check food temperatures, cleanliness, and serving methods prior to the start of the event at 10:30 a.m. Please note that specific guidelines must be observed, or you will be charged a fee by the Oakland County Health Division, or possibly your table will be shut down. These guidelines are available on the VegFest application form, and include ability to bring a thermometer, gloves, and serving utensils to the event, and have a process to keep hot food at greater than 140 degrees F, and cold food at less than 41 degrees F. Sample cups are the preferred method of sample distribution.

Event Day

Food court category participants must have the ability to arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. for set up, to be ready for food inspection around 10:00 am, and to be ready to serve the public at 10:30 am. Participants must be prepared to serve or sell food, or to promote their organization to the public, until the conclusion of the event at 5:00 pm. Additional requirements and instructions will be made available during and after the application process.

Note: This information is subject to change.

Application Process
All inquiries are welcome!  Exhibitors must apply for a booth. VegMichigan, a 501c3 nonprofit group, reserves the right to decline an exhibitor’s application.  Factors we consider include compatibility with the theme of our event, the mission of our organization, and the need for exhibits that provide variety and interest.  The first step is to complete the online preliminary application.

Save the Date VegFest 2107

Save the Date for VegFest 2017 Sunday, April 30th, 2017