What to Eat


As important as it is to decide “Why” to go vegan or move towards a vegan diet, it is equally important to know “How”. Check out these great resources that will help you along on your journey:




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Vegan Food Pyramid


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VegMichigan Dinner Club


The Ultimate Guide to Going Vegan by Thrive Cuisine


A vegan diet is made up of a huge selection of foods. There are literally hundreds of types of grains, beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and spices.  There are thousands of combinations you could use to make amazing dishes!  Plus there are great tasting veggie burgers, deli slices, and other products that taste like meat. When going vegan most people actually expand the variety of foods they eat.  Get adventurous, from Indian to Italian, Tia to Lebanese. Many ethnic restaurants have a large selection of vegan options.