Activism: Vigil for the Animals at Eastern Market

VegMichigan attended a vigil for the animals on their way to slaughter at Eastern Market on October 3, 2018. Tammy, Maria, Nicolette, Lane and Kim arrived at 4am to bear witness to 300 sheep being unloaded and sent to slaughter. We thank them for their courage. Farmed animal’s final moments are filled with confusion, fear and pain. They all want to live, they all fight for their precious lives, but in the end they are all physically overpowered and their lives cruelly taken from them. Below, Kim Korona shared her thoughts.
“Seeing the sheep on the truck at their final moments of life was devastating. Seeing them there, knowing that they only had a few minutes left to live, feeling helpless and wanting to save them was heart-breaking. They were crammed in the truck for an 11-hour ride, three tiers of sheep, all covered in feces. They were looking at us through the holes and my heart went out to them as I told them I was sorry for how they were treated and for what was happening to them. When they were pushed out of the truck the terror showed in their eyes. They didn’t want to go and they tried to turn back but there was nowhere to go. All the sheep were corralled into the slaughterhouse in only about 20 minutes. It all happened so fast and I wish that I could have saved them. Please, if you could not kill an animal yourself, if you could not watch an animal being killed, do not pay someone else to do it. GoVegan.”  
VegMichigan is looking to develop an activism committee for those interested in discussing some of the most effective ways to move others towards a vegan lifestyle. We hope you’ll bring your ideas and your passion! If you’re interested in joining our Effective Activism Committee, please contact for more information.