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many people are choosIng to eat more plant-based meals, and we are here to help

VegMichigan works to promote the health, ethical, and sustainable benefits of eating more plants.

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March 10, 20241:30 pm - 5:15 pm

VegMichigan is a food sponsor for the 2nd Annual Climate Teach-In at Genesis Ann Arbor. We will provide plant-based food from El Harrisa. We will also be tabling and signing people up for our 30-day Plant-Based Pledge.

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“we always have fun at vegmIchIgan events and we love spreadIng awareness about the organIzatIon and the mIchIgan vegan communIty.”

Jessica Nowak

“how wonderful!!! all of It! great job! attended a few events and they were fun and tasty.”

Nayna Lal

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