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“Who better than our fellow activists to show us what’s possible and encourage us to take action? In this blog post, we share 18 snapshots of vegan activism by our own VegFund grantees.”

*Check out #8 for the VegMichigan highlight

vegmIchIgan free festIval vIsIts downtown farmIngton's rIley park

“If you passed by downtown Farmington’s Riley Park on Sunday and spotted white tents, food trucks, and entertainers, you may have done a double-take and thought, ‘Wait … wasn’t the farmers’ market yesterday?'”

celebs, athletes, doctors promote plant-based dIets at vegfest 2019

“Healthcare professionals, local plant-based vendors, professional athletes, and even a movie star showed up in Novi Sunday to promote plant-based diets at VegMichigan’s 20th annual VegFest.”

mIchIgan turnIng over a new leaf for veganIsm

“Veganism has been gaining popularity across the nation as well as the globe, and Michigan folk have been adapting to it.”

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