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If you are new to plant-based eating, trying a variety of plant-based foods is a great place to start.

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sIlk almond mIlk (chocolate)

Our most popular giveaway item, this tasty treat is a great introduction to plant-based milk. Made with real cocoa and 25% less sugar but 50% more calcium than chocolate cow’s milk.

Available at most grocery stores.

planet Oat MIlk (OrIgInal)

Oat milk has a naturally sweet taste and uses just a fraction of the resources to produce compared to cows milk. So, much better for the environment!

Available at most grocery stores.



Vegenaise is a plant-based mayo that is a healthier and tastier option than regular mayonnaise.

Available at most grocery stores.

beyond burgers

Great taste and better for your health and the planet as it uses 99% less water than beef burgers to produce.

Available at most grocery stores.

Cooking and Nutritional info HERE.

beyond breakfast sausage (classIc)

Seasoned to perfection, these go great in a breakfast burrito or as a side to your favorite morning meal.

These and other plant-based breakfast sausages are available at most grocery stores.

JUST Egg (folded)

Tastes just like an egg but with zero cholesterol. Made from mung beans, it’s packed with protein. It also uses 98% less water and emits 93% greenhouse gases than conventional eggs.

Fresh Thyme Market usually has these in stock.


acaI bowl

A blend of açai with organic strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. Acai is full of antioxidants and nutrients.

Acai bowls are readily available at grocery stores and restaurants or you can make your own.

The bowl in your bag is from Costco (Tattooed Chef). Thaw for about 50 seconds in the microwave or 60-65 minutes at room temp then eat.

earth balance (buttery spread)

This is a great plant-based spread to use wherever you use butter. It is light and airy and sensationally spreadable. Made with organic ingredients!

Available at most grocery stores.

bolognese pasta sauce

This Trader Joe’s Bolognese Pasta Sauce has a meaty rich flavor made with meatless plant-based crumbles.

Available at Trader Joe’s.

vegetable stIr-fry

A hearty meal with noodles and crisp vegetables in a savory sauce. It is easy to find a vegetable stir-fry at a restaurant or to make one at home!

The stir-fry in your bag is from Costco and many other grocery stores have similar items in their freezer section. Cook on the stove or microwave in 3 minutes.


Quinoa is a staple in the plant-based world. It has a great flavor, is as easy to prepare as rice, and is full of protein and other nutrients. Quinoa can be served in a hot dish or can make a great cold salad.

Available at most grocery stores.

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I thought a great variety was provided and it was nice to try new products from brands I had seen before but did not know were in local grocery stores! – Denise R

I liked all the items, especially the burgers! Michael H

My perception has changed!! Plant-based food is a lot yummier than I thought! – Maddison L

Sample packs are a great way to try plant-based alternatives. I appreciate the program and the material that was included about why a plant-based diet is so important to ourselves and our world around us.  – Lauren E

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