free festIval

JoIn us on September 13 2020 at rIley park In downtown farmIngton.

Vendor and sponsor detaIls comIng soon!

free festIval HIghlIghts

  • Delicious Vegan Food

  • Sustainable Shopping

  • Live Music

  • A Day Outside

  • And MORE!

“we wanted to take a mInute to thank you for always puttIng on a successful event. We’ve trIed the rest and now only partIcIpate In yours.”

Jennie Neu-Sipkay

Owner, Neu Kombucha

“I just wanted to thank you agaIn for beIng so accommodatIng at the free festIval. the event was fantastIc and I’m lookIng forward to attendIng next year.”

Molly Tamulevich

HSUS Michigan State Director

Interested In brIngIng a presentatIon to your communIty?

We would love to hear from you.

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